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What cooker do you use?

Our cakes are baked in an Aga, it's always on and it has three ovens: a warm simmering oven, a hotter baking oven, and a really hot roasting oven!

All of our cakes are baked slowly in the simmering oven to get the best consistency and taste.

You can find out more about Aga here.

About us


The recipes for the Yorkshire Parkin, Fruitcake and Gluten Free Fruitcake are very popular and customers return year after year knowing that they will taste exactly the same as the last time.

Paul used to do the wrapping of the cakes, but last year took over production of the cakes closely following the tried and trusted methods…. hopefully, nobody noticed the difference!


Paul retired in December 2016, he has taken a more active role in the cake production and now bakes the cakes while Annette wraps them in the distinctive brown paper and string.

We are very much a small business and take pride in producing top quality cakes using the best ingredients.

Where it began:

Annette started the business back in 2012, it has grown steadily over the years into where we are today.

It took a while to get the perfect recipe, but now we have a tried and tested process that gives the same results every time.

Telephone: 01484 720 761

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